Physical Benefits Of Horseback Riding

Many people still believe that horseback riding is nothing more than a hobby, but little do they know that it can be an intense and holistic workout for the body. Yes, you read it right! Most of us never try and think beyond the acquired ease and expertise of the riders, but there is a definite reason why riders, men and women alike, have envious body structure, stamina and strength.

Horseback riding training can not only make you look good but also give you physical strength and fit body. Quite contrary to the belief, that while riding a horse it’s the horse that is working out, the rider also requires much strength and stability to control such a powerful animal.

Once you hop on the saddle it’s not only your strength but your ability to coordinate and balance yourself, which will come in handy. So, if you want to know more about the benefits of horseback riding training, keep reading.

1. While riding a horse which is being walked by someone else it’ss nothing more than a joyride, handling a horse all by yourself is no easy task. While on top of the horse, balance and coordination is critical, as the inertia that can happen due to sudden movements of horse can cause the rider to fall off the horse. Practicing balance when you have your legs wrapped around the back of the horse can be difficult. Therefore, if you want to practice and improve your balance try to ride the horse without the saddle and the stirrups. Practicing riding bareback, it will help you achieve balance like never before.

2. Riding is like juggling with your hands and legs simultaneously. Nope, we are not exaggerating. While riding a horse, you not only have to maintain the pressure of your rein, but also the pressure of your legs and also maintain the balance. Regular riding sessions can help in achieving better coordination. You will see the results within a few weeks and be able to move your limbs independently and simultaneously. This level of coordination can only be achieved by regular horseback riding.

3. You cannot just sit idle on the horse. Horse riding can actually be an extreme leg workout given the amount of the strength the leg muscles require to stay in the saddle. The core is also worked out in tandem as the rider keeps his spine straight. As the rider cues the horse, all the muscles in the legs such as hamstrings, glutes and quads get a workout. Riding a horse can also strengthen the muscles in the back. Once the horse gails faster, the rider has to flex to cope with the stress on the back. As the horse changes its direction, to maintain the upright position the rider has to make use of the obliques of the abdomen.

4. Flexibility is a must for all horse riders. Many people conveniently skip stretching while exercising but it is an indispensable part of horse riding. Once you are atop a horse, only your flexibility can help you maintain your position. In addition to flexibility, the calves also get a good workout as you continue to ride the horse with your back straight, knees and feet in line and heels down.

The benefits of horseback riding span far beyond than just looking good and savvy. Improved flexibility and balance can help all fitness fanatics to achieve their fitness goals sooner. And this can be done while having fun on the back of a horse!

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